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Textile waste recycling machine
Airflow recycling machine

Device parameters:

1.Machine: through the airflow cotton cleaning machine with the help of predust cleaning machine, then can better remove the impurities from the cotton waste and loose the cotton

waste into good cotton.

2.Working width :can be designed according to your special requirement

3.Working principle: with the suction of fan,the raw materials be put into dust cage(main section to remove impurities from the cotton material) and then cotton through the called cleaning to loose cotton and clean the rest impurities again, then you can get good cotton , which usded for your spinning.

4,This airflow recovery machine mainly consists of feeding tube, machine rack, dust cage chute 

feeder, dust exhausting funnel, bamboo curtain, feed roller, roller, gear, speed reducer, fan, etc.

Device parameters:

    Specification  2 rollers   3 rollers

    Capacity  >=120kg/h   120~140kg/h

    The cleaning rate  >=85%   95%

    Cylinder diameter(2 pieces)  250mm   250mm

    Dust cage(3 pieces)  500mm   500mm

    Machine size  2700*1600*1200mm  3800*1600*1200mm

    Fan on this machine   7.5kw   10kw

    Motor on this machine   11.5kw   16.5kw

    Weight   3000kgs   3800kgs