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Non woven spreader rack design steps

作者:         来源:       日期:2017-12-19 8:51:15         人气:

The structure and arrangement of the non-woven opener frame have been determined in the overall layout. Based on this, the design of the rack components is generally performed in the following order.

   1, according to the overall layout of the arrangements, taking into account the needs of their own connection and the needs of the installation of parts, preliminary determination of the shape of the rack parts, dimensions and installation of their installation surface.

   2, Check the strong rigidity of the main parts, and finally determine the shape and size of the components.

   3, to determine the accuracy of parts, which is given the size of parts tolerance, shape and location of tolerance and other technical requirements.

   4, check with other relevant components, the relationship between the various is appropriate to arrange for review.

   5, restore the assembly drawings.