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Flax opener rack design basic requirements

作者:         来源:       日期:2017-12-19 8:51:38         人气:

Flax opener rack design and all other design, to meet the general requirements of more, faster, better, the province, following Xiaobian to introduce flax opener rack design of the basic requirements.

   1, to meet the other components in the rack to install and fix the location requirements.

   2, the structure is concise and firm, with sufficient rigidity and certain accuracy, providing a reliable basis for the working accuracy of other components.

   3, should consider the assembly of the rack itself as well as the operation of other components mounted on the rack to be convenient. For example, consider installing a baseline, order, and method to minimize the amount of correction in an assembly. In a compact place, pay special attention to the installation of connecting bolts and wrenches have enough space for movement.

   4, give full consideration to improve manufacturing process.