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Which points should be paid attention to during the flowering machine

作者:         来源:       日期:2018-3-21 9:06:12         人气:

In the process of removing cotton and in the process of removing impurities from the non-woven products and evenly mixing the fibers, the flowering machine can be said to be an indispensable factor in the production of various non-woven products and cotton products. Played a vital role, then, we need to pay attention to what matters when using the flower machine? Here's a look at the relevant introduction:

    First of all: It is to check the power of the flowering machine used. The workload must match the power of the machine. Do not make the mistake of the small horse-drawn cart. Because the workload is too great, many friends are using it. When a flowering machine fails, it is a very common thing. Checking the size of the corresponding working force before use can help us to properly carry out packing.

    Secondly, when using the flowering machine every time, the inspection of the stick is also very necessary. Sometimes, because the processed non-woven fabric or cotton contains too much impurities, it will cause the stick to slip. The phenomenon, it will inevitably affect the flower machine cleaning and mixing effect.