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What guarantees the safety of the opening machine is essential

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Opener is also a kind of large-scale equipment that is commonly used in the textile industry. In the process of using the opener, it is necessary to maintain its long-term and safe operation. It is also essential to do the following steps:

    1. When you feed the crop after start-up, you must wait for the machine to reach normal operation and feed it evenly and continuously.

    2. Observe the motor at any time during the work process, pay attention to the speed of the reducer, the sound and the temperature of the bearing.

    3. When the operator operates the opening machine, the clothes sleeve should be tightly fastened, and a mask and a working cap should be worn to stand on the side of the feeding port.

    4. When feeding crops, in order to avoid machine damage and accidents, pay attention to whether there are hard objects in the raw materials.

    5. It is absolutely not allowed to repair and maintain the machine while hanging the belt.

    6, when dealing with machine failures, be sure to wait until the engine stops operating before proceeding.

    Most of these matters are small details. Only by ensuring that these small details are done, can the machine work better.