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What is the reason that the fiber bundle is small when the opener is used?

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When using an opener for opening, you may encounter a situation where the fiber bundle is small. In view of this situation, we must carefully analyze the causes and then use it again. As a professional opener manufacturer, high density and large mechanical Technical experts will take everyone to learn together.

     1. When the opening machine uses the arrow-shaped beater, most of the raw cotton will be adsorbed on the lower dust cage because the separated cotton is larger.

     2. When a wing knife is used, the raw cotton is distributed between the upper and lower dust cages. This structure is more uniform than the porcupine beaters, but most of them will be distributed in the lower part of the upper dust cage.

     3. When openers use comb needles, most of the raw cotton is adsorbed on the upper dust cage and spread over the visible area of the entire dust cage until the fur lining of the dust cage, which is also the reason for the smaller fiber bundles. .