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From what aspects to determine the quality of flowering machine

作者:         来源:       日期:2018-4-4 16:05:06         人气:

When consumers purchase the flowering machine, the most common concern is how to identify the quality of the flowering machine. A high-quality flowering machine is crucial to the improvement of production efficiency. We will introduce the techniques for judging the quality of flowering machines:

     The quality of the flowering machine is mainly reflected in the quality indicators and falling objects of the product after opening, including the impurities in the semi-finished products, as well as the number, type, structure and evenness of the defects, the content of the short fibers, the degree of opening, and falling. The amount of spinnable fibers contained in the article.

     In order to further improve the opening quality of raw materials and improve the quality of yarns, the direction of opening and development is to improve the form and structure of the opening machines and improve the opening degree of fiber blocks to improve the structure and uniformity of semi-finished products. Strengthen the opening of the fiber raw materials, open the process should be used free hit, less use of holding the blow, the application of airflow opening and removing impurity method, in order to avoid fiber damage impurities, cracking, reduce yarn defects caused by this reason.