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The opening quality of the opener is mainly determined by its process

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The opening process of opener is inseparable with the quality of Kaisong, but what kind of process can open a good product? Different fiber materials, different opening process, different principles should be used for different raw materials. .

    For example, in the processing of raw cotton in cotton spinning, the following principles are followed: loosening, backing, re-slowing, reasonable cracking, and early falling and smashing. When processing chemical fiber or medium-length fiber, chemical fiber materials are more bulky, contain no impurities, and contain only a small amount of fiber defects. Therefore, the principle of using multiple combs and less to eliminate multiple recycling is adopted. According to the principle of open combination of cleaning machinery and configuration process. For raw materials that are too tight, containing water, or containing too much impurities, they should generally be pretreated. The tightly packed raw materials should be pre-opened, or be unwrapped for a sufficient period of time to loosen naturally; excess water-containing raw materials should be dried before opening to increase the opening effect of raw materials.

    If you want to open a good product, you must strictly follow the requirements of the opening process.